Odia Book Babasaheb Bhimarao Ambedkar By Probodha Kumar Mishra

The heart-rending sufferings that Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar has to endure in his childhood proved to be a boon for the whole of India in the end.The heartbreaking sufferings Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar had to go through as a youngster ultimately turned out to be a blessing for all of India. Bhim Sakpal (his childhood name), who was seeking further education in Bombay, revealed to a shopkeeper that he was a Mahar because the social system had demoralised him as a youngster and he was adamant about getting justice for the "untouchable." The shopkeeper reprimanded Sakpal and drove him from the store in such a way that Sakpal fell into a ditch as soon as he learned that Sakpal was a Mahar by caste. However, the young man who mustered the courage to stand that day did so with such height that he stood out in the crowd.