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The Mod (short for ‘modernist’) style first became popular in London in the early 1960s. It centred around the famous Carnaby Street scene. The culture was all about music, scooters and the tailor-made suits. A step forward from the ‘old-fashioned’ 1950s, mods were the new cool kids. Stylish, keeping it neat, streamlined and smart. This style has been carried on through the years. Slight adaptations have been made, but it still remains a pretty original look.
The RAF Roundel symbol became the iconic Mod symbol, which was quickly followed by Paisley Scarves. Due to this, these Aviator style scarves became a big favourite of the Mods in the Nineteen Sixties. Then again in the late seventies and early eighties. Largely due to the cult movie phenomenon Quadrophenia, as well as recently being popular as an Indie Music Clothing Accessory.
Our Knightsbridge Neckwear brand is synonymous for its silk paisley scarves and silk polka dot scarves. However, we also now produce a huge variety of other silk scarf designs, such as houndstooth and geometric styling. Our silk vintage scarves are the ultimate accessory for any retro clothing guru and are a true icon of Mod culture.
The popularity of our paisley silk scarves with the Mod movement are earning us a place in fashion folklore. They offer true British style and an iconic look. Scooter Boys have developed a love for our retro scarves, together with followers of the British Indie Scene. For instance, being worn by Mod and other music icons and bands such as The Who, The Jam, Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher.

Our 100% soft pure silk scarves makes them the ultimate Mod accessory.

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