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Pavement Company Winnipeg Manitoba
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We have been in the industry for more than 42 years and our team has the
required skills and tools in place to take any projects.
Never underestimate the value a freshly paved surface! Boost the appearance
and practicality of your business or home. Secure the trust of motorists and
pedestrians within your municipality. JC Paving Ltd is a full-service asphalt and
concrete contractor in Winnipeg with a reputation for delivering high-quality
results in a timely fashion.
From residential driveways to municipal roads and commercial parking lots, we
do it all!
We Specialize In:
● Urban streets and rural roads
● Parking lots
● Sidewalks and curbs
● Driveways and more…
From new construction builds to residential overlays, we do our best!
Give us a call to start the process. We will review your needs, evaluate the site,
prepare the ground as needed, and complete the assignment in good order.
Whether you require a quick repair or a dependable partner you can turn to
for ongoing concrete expertise, JC Paving Ltd delivers!

Our Service Includes:
● Earthwork & Excavation
● Inspections and repairs
● Asphalt paving
● Commercial driveways
● Concrete paving stones
● Sewer/ water contracting
● Resealing
● Sealcoating
● Retaining Walls
● Garage floors
● Concrete removal and replacement
● Limestone quarries
● Gravel pits
Grinding and Maintenance
● Concrete Texture Planning
● Dowel Bar Retrofit
Highway Paving
● Asphalt
● Concrete
Asphalt Paving, Excavation & Base Work
● Commercial parking lots
● Road construction
● Asphalt patching
● Commercial & residential developments
● Common excavation
● Granular base installation
● Site development

● Concrete paving
● Road construction
● Approaches & sidewalks
● Curb work
● Concrete slabs & garbage pads
● Diamond Grinding
● Dowel Bar Retrofit
Sewer and Water
● Water distribution systems
● Wastewater