– Police got entangled in border dispute, victim found 4 suspected thieves in 2 days

Agra Police Commissioner's emphasis on Citizen's Charter in Agra UP. Still the police approach is not changing. Here, the police got embroiled in a border dispute regarding the theft of lakhs from a trolley bag while traveling in an electric bus. Meanwhile, the victim found four suspected thieves after two days. Police have registered a case. Deepak, resident of Ranjitpura, Saiya, has an ice cream business in Gujarat. He told that he had come by train on March 10 with his wife Usha and one year old son. Got down at Agra Cantt station at 8 am on 11th and reached the power plant by auto. From there boarded the electric bus to Kheragarh. There was a big trolley bag which the conductor asked to keep on the back seat. He told that cameras are installed and there is nothing to worry about. Deepak told that all three of them were sitting on the front seat. Reached Kheragarh at 9:40 am. When I opened the trolley bag to take out the small purse, it was not there. Jewelery worth lakhs including chain, ring, earrings and Rs 50 thousand were kept in the purse. The wife started crying. He somehow reached home. Went to Saiya police station and gave information. But the police sent him to Rakabganj police station. From there came to the fort post. Here the police declared the matter to be Saiya's and did not take any action. He told that after taking the bus number, he reached the charging station located at Tedhi Bagiya. There were cameras installed in the bus. The footage showed that the number of thieves was 8-9. He brought the bag near himself with the help of his feet. After this, a bearded thief took out a blade from his mouth, cut the bag, took out the wife's purse and gave it to his accomplice. Others stood siege. After watching the footage, he boarded a bus and searched till Power House, Saiya and Kheragarh. Four suspects were arrested on Thursday. His face was matching the footage. He has been handed over to the police.