– Prime Minister Modi's campaign speech shameful: Jairam Ramesh

New Delhi At an election rally in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Rahul Gandhi of insulting kings and maharajas in India but remaining silent on the atrocities committed by Sultans, Nawabs, Nizams and Badshahs. He was referring to Rahul Gandhi's recent statements on the rule of kings and maharajas. Responding to PM Modi's comments, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said the Prime Minister's campaign speeches were shameful and he had gone beyond being pathetic. Ramesh wrote on his ex that PM Modi is maliciously distorting every statement of Rahul Gandhi to incite and incite communal prejudices and sentiments. Their moving out is inevitable and the realization of this is making them more desperate. His campaign speeches are truly shameful.
Recently during a rally, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had said that this was the rule of kings and maharajas, they could do whatever they wanted, if they wanted someone's land they would snatch it, the country along with the Congress party and our workers. The people of India achieved independence, brought democracy and changed the constitution of the country. Attacking Rahul Gandhi's statement, PM Modi said that the Congress prince had given these statements deliberately, for the purpose of vote bank politics and appeasement. The prince spoke ill about the kings and maharajas, but the prince was silent on the crimes committed by the Nawabs, Nizams, Sultans and emperors in the history of India, but he spoke ill about the kings and maharajas and insulted them. We do.