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Principles Of Healing And Growth Management

Principles Of Healing And Growth Management

Submitted by • December 3, 2019

Heal yourself to a stress free, tension free, celebrative life full of joy

1. Enhancing the clarity of one’s understating thru Vitarka Yoga an ancient vedic practice

2. Yoga Nidra and hypnosis processes to address and heal the habitual patterns, hurts and insecurities

3. Dynamic processes of catharsis to unburden oneself of the loads of obstacles hindering the process of being peaceful and blissful in life

4. Introducing the occult practices of drawing the divine energies from the vedic symbols of OM, Swastika and Srichakra

5. Ancient practices of pranayama coupled with vikalpa to energise oneself and connect to higher centres of ones being.

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