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Propyl Gallate Market Report 2020-2025

Propyl Gallate Market Report 2020-2025

Submitted by • October 20, 2020

Propyl gallate is an organic chemical compound belonging to the ester family. Propyl gallate is a white crystalline powder and is soluble in several organic compounds. Commercially, propyl gallate is synthesized from the condensation reaction of propanol and gallic acid. Propyl gallate is mostly used as an antioxidant to prevent oxidation and stabilize food, animal feed, and food packaging products. It is also used as an antioxidant in various cosmetics & personal care products such as toothpaste, grooming products, and other personal care products. Propyl gallate is used as an additive in lubricating oil, transforming oil, pressure sensitive adhesives, and special rubbers, among others. Propyl gallate is also used as an additive in edible oils, fats, baked food products, mayonnaise, meat and meat products, milk powder, and candies. Propyl gallate, in combination with ascorbic palmitate and citric acid demonstrates high functionality as an antioxidant used in the food & feed industry.

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