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ReadersMagnet – Sites Google Account

ReadersMagnet – Sites Google Account

Submitted by • September 29, 2020

This site will feature blogs that reflect ReadersMagnet’s specialty, which is marketing and advertising services for writers. Articles will explore the company’s products, services, and features, history, track record, and achievements.

There will be blogs that shed light on the publishing industry and the publishing process to educate budding authors so that they may make well-informed decisions on the direction they want to take with their work. There will also be blogs on basic editing and the standard writing process to help guide fledgling writers who are not yet familiar with these basic steps. There will also be blogs on the most successful authors in history, which could serve as an inspiration to budding authors in their writing journey.

ReaderMagnet will also be releasing a series of blogs on the marketing industry today to give readers a better picture of how it markets its products and services. These blogs may serve as marketing guides, as well.

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