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Renal Biomarkers Market Sales Size Share Forecast 2027

Renal Biomarkers Market Sales Size Share Forecast 2027

Submitted by • March 11, 2020

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) involves gradual loss of functioning of kidneys. The normal function of kidneys are to filter out and excrete wastes, and excess fluids from the blood are excreted through urine. However, when an individual is suffering from chronic kidney disease, kidneys cannot perform their natural function and wastes, fluids, and electrolytes build up in the body in excess amounts. Signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease are not apparent until kidney function becomes significantly impaired. For this purpose various diagnostic tests are performed which involve use of various tests which asses biomarkers to understand functioning of the kidneys. Increase or decrease in values of these biomarkers indicates dysfunction of kidneys.

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