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Shopbuzz Mens Cotton Sleeveless Sandow (Sando for Gym)

Shopbuzz Mens Cotton Sleeveless Sandow (Sando for Gym)

Submitted by • October 6, 2020

Shopbuzz Casual Mens Sandow is made with quality cotton; the fabric is highly breathable and body-friendly. It comes in 7 different colors (Black, Grey, Maroon, Olive Green, Red, White, and Yellow). Men’s Cotton Sandow for Gym is perfect, especially for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The fabric is so soft and comfortable, and all day and night wearable.

Care Instructions: Sando for Mens Is Machine Washable With Cold or Normal Water. It Doesn’t Need Bleaching. Mens Cotton Sandow Is Also Light Iron-Able.
Premium Quality: Men's Color Sando Is Comfortable, Soft, And Breathable. It Is All Day And Night Wearable Due To Its Absorbency Quality.
Fabric Composition: The Men's Athletic Tank Top Is An Amalgamation Of 90% Cotton With 10% Polyester. The Sandow Has No Shrinkage Issues, And Lab Tested.
Shobuzz Sandow Comes In 7 Colors and Is Perfect For Gym. The Mens Sando Size Is Comfortable And Stylish.
These Men’s Vests Are Stitched in Round Neck, And Are Sleeveless for Comfort Grip for t

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