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Stories For Children Before Bed

Stories For Children Before Bed

Submitted by • July 20, 2020

However, the grasshopper answered in a rude tone that he also had rights to the tree. In fact, he sang in a louder voice. Owls admit that even arguing is useless. During the day, his eyes were so far away that he could not punish the grasshopper.

Finally the owl thinks about how to punish the grasshopper. Then he turned his head to a hole in the tree and said very kindly.

"O grasshopper, if I wake up I will definitely hear you sing. You have wine here. If you want, come here. If you eat this wine, your voice will be like Apollo, because this is a delivery from Olympus. "

Finally, the grasshopper was carried away by the owl's praise and praise. Finally he jumps into the nest and because the owl can see the grasshopper immediately with his eyes, the grasshopper is immediately attacked and eaten by the owl.

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