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Swaraj 963 Price Review And Specification

Swaraj 963 Price Review And Specification

Submitted by • February 20, 2020

Tractor is the main vehicle for todays growth each farmer has a dream to produce lot of grains that can be sold in the market easily. So to make it posiible TractorGuru came up with an idea to show the farmers diferent tractor brand at one place.

TractorGuru is the digital platform for buying and selling tractors where anyone can compare the tractors that would be crystal clear to know which is right according to their needs. It lists many of the tractors.

TractorGuru introduces Sawarj 963 which is very versatile and durable for farming. Swaraj 963 is equipped with 3 cylinders which produces 63 HP. It is high rated HP tractor in Swaraj portfolio. Its has hydraulic lifting capacity which is 2200 kg

For more details on Swaraj 963 price visit website

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