Swaraj Tractor – An Indian Farmers Centric Tractor Brand

Swaraj Tractors, a tractor that is the most popular tractor brand among Indian farmers. It is truly an Indian brand that provides tractors according to the Indian farmers' needs. Its tractors are the most rigid and performative. With this, the Swaraj tractor offers impressive fuel efficiency that saves a lot of money. It is the most suitable tractor for Indian Farmers. Swaraj Tractor comes in a wide range for every type of farming. Their hp range starts from 15 HP to 75 HP. Their tractors can easily afford every kind of farmer in India. Swaraj Tractor Price range starts from Rs. 2.60 to Rs. 8.40 lakhs*. You can quickly get Swaraj mini tractor, Swaraj utility tractor, and others.

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