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Interim finance is defined as financial debt raised by Interim Resolution Professional/Resolution professionals, as the case may be, during Corporate Insolvency resolution processes according to the provisions of the Insolvency... Read More

You need a well-designed, comprehensive presentation deck if you want to persuade investors that your company has tremendous growth potential and get the financing you need to scale. Original Source: https://www.resurgentindia.com/bespoke-pitch-deck-service-for-startups... Read More

The presentation tool called Pitch Deck is used to market your company or ideas to a variety of audiences, mostly investors. Using the presentation, you may tell a story, outline... Read More

One Time Settlement Funding (OTS) for a loan can be availed of either in part or in full based on the borrower’s requirements, cash flows of the business and the... Read More

Determine the true value of your company with CAT I Merchant bank. We are specialized in delivering the best company valuation report in industry. Get In Touch👉 - https://bit.ly/3I9cbEo Write to us: corporate@resurgentindia.com Contact:... Read More

The process of due diligence involves the assessment of financial, commercial, operational, legal, HR and IT records, among other relevant aspects of the organization, and a comparison of its assorted... Read More

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Techno Economic Viability (TEV) study of a project encompasses the evaluation of a project for evaluating the technical and financial information about the project, with relevant data about its technological... Read More

A startup valuation services tells investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors, among others, the true worth of the firm they would be investing in. It assists them in determining the... Read More

Real estate is one of the most prefered financing options as it brings both financial and personal benefits to an individual. As an investor, if you are searching for funds... Read More

A lender’s Independent engineer report is prepared to ensure the interest of the lender and protect them against various risks involved. This specialised service of independent engineer report is a... Read More