The Interesting Wild Thumbai honey from Wild honey hunters

Thumbai also referred as thumba is a common plant found at India and Philippines. It is a forgotten medicinal pant. The leaves and flowers of plant are edible the flowers are identified with it attractive pure white color. Commonly, the Thumbai plant is used to treat cold related problems such as sinus, dry cough, sore throat, migraine head ache, helps in treating the intestine related problems, used to treat skin problems, to treats snake bite and scorpion sting and it can also be used as a good mosquito repellent. The thumbai poo honey which are collected right after the annual flowering season of thumbai plant has most of the medicinal properties of thumbai plant.
Thumbai honey added under mono floral or uni floral honey variety. Identified with its bright texture and also a good taste. The thumbai poo honey also has same medicinal properties as plant possess. It can be used to treat the cold related problems such as sinus, head ache, dry cough etc. This can also boost your immunity system which helps in preventing us from diseases.