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The principle of the feed mixer

The principle of the feed mixer

Submitted by • July 18, 2019

The principle of the feed mixer
With the continuous deepening of the domestic economic construction, the lifestyles that people face have also undergone earth-shaking changes. Many breeding bases around us are hoping for a more complete feed supply. Nowadays, people also very much hope that the feed mixer can complete a variety of feed processing operations. Of course, in order to be more perfectly integrated into feed production, we also have to familiarize ourselves with how it works.
We all know that the vertical feed mixers that are commonly used today are mostly intermittent. These mixers are composed of a feed hopper, a vertical screw conveyor, a mixing drum, a sleeve and the like. We only have to carefully understand the performance of these machines in order to obtain high quality feed. Of course, these feeds can also enter the auger from the feeding hopper, and finally lift up to the top and then be thrown out by the spreading plate, so that we can smoothly complet

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