Things that you should know before stepping into the BIM as a career

BIM is a complex technology that has been used in construction and engineering spaces for many years. While its role has changed over time, BIM remains a vital designing tool.

A BIM Coordinator works to ensure the smooth transition of information between different levels of the project such as coordination between design and construction. They are accountable for ensuring all facets of the project meet the specifications set out by their team or client. They must also be on top of communication with different stakeholders such as contractors and designers so that there are no conflicts with building materials or timeline.

Benefits of having BIM Coordinator in consultancy project

Some consultants are just like architects and construction workers. They know what needs to be done, but they don't have the technical expertise or the time to do it. Thankfully, there is a fast-emerging technology that could help reduce project costs and make sure that things go smoothly: BIM Coordination

BIM coordination seamlessly integrates 3D architectural representation with real-time collaboration tools into project management software. When used properly, BIM coordination can improve efficiency by eliminating human error and can save up to 80% of time traditionally spent on physical design compared to traditional design methods. A BIM coordinator generally manages all stakeholders and handles major tasks related to construction projects. They help to streamline communication between the different parties and make sure that everyone gets their fair share of responsibilities.

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