– To make your child speak English, you will have to follow some tips.

New Delhi: If you also want to teach English to your children and want them to score good marks in English, then you will have to follow some tips. Your child can easily score good marks in English language. It is very important to always motivate children for their desire to learn. In such a situation, if you also want to teach English to your children, then motivate them for this work. If you want your children to learn English and want to improve, then for this you should give them story books or newspapers to read. After this, motivate your children, so that they move ahead in learning English with interest. Children remember more what they see, so along with school studies, you can show English entertainment related movies and cartoons to children to learn English. In this way children learn to speak and understand English fluently. Let children listen to English songs to learn English so that they repeat the songs to increase fluency and learn to speak English. Apart from this, ask your children to recite English songs and poems. It is known that every parent wants their child to be at the forefront in studies. In today's times, English is more important than Hindi. You need Hindi and English for conversation, it is spoken in most parts of India.