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Too much money spoils kids

Too much money spoils kids

Submitted by • February 22, 2019

It is essential that parents should play their role in building the character of youths and children. Providing too much money to kids is just wrong as that will spoil them. Those children who are given too much money tend to be miserable because their lives are easy. They feel that they are entitled and are spoiled since they get everything that they want. These children are also insensitive to others as they are used to being at the center of the universe. Another character that is seen as a result of giving too much money to kids is that they are selfish because they do not have the experience of giving, but only getting. These are people who also have expensive taste in things because they are always used to getting the best. In this research paper, it presents a discussion on how too much money can spoil a kid.
Too much money spoils kids
There are different views that people hold regarding giving kids money.

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