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Top 5 Mystery & Suspense Authors

Top 5 Mystery & Suspense Authors

Submitted by • October 30, 2020

The desire of readers for thrills and tension all boils down to wanting to solve mysteries on their own minds. It is, after all, a different kind of rush to feel like you helped in unraveling every puzzle of the story. The human mind interestingly escalates and functions whenever this happens and keeps your delight blazed toward the whole narrative.

As you know, mystery and suspense are considered as two different genres but are very closely related and similar. One thing they have in common is that the authors have the same flair inside their minds. If you ever experienced anxiety and anticipation towards reading a book, the writer must have done an excellent job. However, if the feeling stays or even grows until the last page of the book, the work of the author in preserving the tone must be strenuous.

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