Unable to install Linksys router? What to do?

If you are still facing Linksys Setup error on Linksys router and can’t configure
Linksyssmartwifi.com unable to install Linksys Router follow these steps :
First : What is a Linksys router's default IP address
All Linksys routers have an information label attached to the case – it can be on the side or on the bottom, depending on the model – and, unlike some other routers, you can acquire specific information, such as the default IP address, the hardware version, and so on.
The label on a Linksys router will simply have the Serial Number, the MAC Address, the WPS PIN, and the SSID username and password, as well as some setup instructions.
Second : What happens if I misplace my password
After configuring the SSIDs, you'll be asked to "Create a router password" and "Add a password hint" to gain access to the Linksys UI during the initial configuration process (Smart Wi-Fi Setup). Resetting the router is your only choice if you forget this password and the suggestion doesn't help you remember it.

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