We reap the Organic tomorrow. Main vision of Kay Bee Bio-Organics is to replace harmful synthetic ch

Kay Bee Bio-Organics offers a wide range of ECOCERT-approved, NOP-NPOP certified, and patented pest management solutions which include Bio-insecticides, Bio-Fungicides, Bio-Acaricides, Adjuvants, and CIBRC certified Neem Based Products. And each product category has come out with solutions that were unparalleled. Kay Bee Organics aims to become a force to reckon within organic farming.

We want to reduce the cost of production for farmers as we try to sustain biodiversity and healthy living through our products. All of it while replacing harmful synthetic chemical pesticides with organic ones, globally. Every day our research and development teams work towards crafting botanical-based pesticides from plant alkaloids so that we can meet the export standards and at the same time, keep mother earth safe from the hazardous residue effect of chemicals.