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What if you are not tech-savvy in Amazon KDP Publishing?

What if you are not tech-savvy in Amazon KDP Publishing?

Submitted by • September 3, 2020

It is rightly said that with freedom comes responsibility. Although Kindle Publishing provides you complete independence as an author to publish your work on your own, it also demands some proactiveness from your end. To publish your book in KDP, you need to take a step further and handle all the technical aspects of the process apart from writing. If you have saved your manuscript in a word file, you need to convert it into the format that is compatible with this publishing platform. KDP uses the format called ‘MOBI.’ So, you need to convert your word file into the MOBI format to get your manuscript uploaded. You can do this using some free software available online; Calibre is one such software. All these steps are doable, but authors are often stuck in the process because of the many specifications laid down by Amazon. Seeking help from publishing and formatting companies that offer file conversion and formatting services is another option to avoid such hurdles.

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