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What is a Nassau? How is it Played?

What is a Nassau? How is it Played?

Submitted by • July 20, 2020

Nassau Tournament Gameplay
During a Nassau tournament, the team or the player who wins the front nine goes on to win the prize, while the player or team who wins the back nine wins a prize, and the player or team who wins the 18-hole wins a prize as well. In short, all players have a chance of winning in a game of Nassau.

When it comes to keeping score during a tournament of Nassau, the scoring all depends on the players or the organizers of the tournament. This is because when it comes to the game of Nassau, everything goes. As in, match play, stroke play, alternate shot, scramble, and bet ball. Handicaps, no handicaps, two-player teams, single players. In short, there are no precise rules when it comes to playing the game of Nassau. The main factor of Nassau is that it contains three separate games in one.

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