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What is QuickBooks Live?

What is QuickBooks Live?

Submitted by • September 11, 2020

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping (QuickBooks Live) is a monthly bookkeeping subscription service for small enterprises, which is provided by professionals and bookkeepers commonly termed as QuickBooks bookkeeping service. People are always searching for ‘QuickBooks bookkeeping near me’. Although it’s not available yet, QuickBooks Live is geared toward serving small businesses that aren’t presently connected to a professional advisor or bookkeeper. While many small businesses utilizing QuickBooks Online are linked to professional advisors. The research shows that 40 percent of small businesses don’t work with an advisor or an accounting professional. That said, 89 percent of small businesses say they’re more fruitful when working with an accounting professional. QuickBooks Live intentions to bridge that gap, providing small businesses with the accounting professionals they need to prosper.

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