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What is the purpose of Quality Assurance

What is the purpose of Quality Assurance

Submitted by • December 4, 2018

As the industry steps forward into the era of digitization, computers will soon end up rearing the world towards a point where no action could be possible without Quality Assurance (QA). As per the current statistics, the whole population of the world will have some sort of digital presence by the year 2030. This leads to creation of such copious amounts of data that the IT industry will need a gamut of manpower to sustain its growth rate.
Quality Assurance (QA) Classes teach the students to work on a wide variety of Software Testing tools and equipment that enable them to run tests on the software products for errors, bugs, broken/idle functionalities and other discrepancies that are likely to hinder the software in its function. They also check if the usage is smooth or not and in case it is, relay the same problem to the developers to correct it. They are the last person to go through the technical details of any project before it is handed over to the customer stating completion.

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