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Submitted by • February 25, 2020

What is the objective of our life? Isn't it amazing that most of us remain unaware of it! Most people run after storing wealth and worldly resources, but for what purpose? For fulfillment of which need; when and how? Very few would be able to answer it correctly. If it were for comfort, security and joy, then there are many counter examples in this very world, which deny this assumption. In fact for most people it is nothing but following the trends. The same is true of most of our activities. We are just driven by our extrovert thinking and tendency of following others whom we regard as successful and happy. We don't even have time to pause and think about our own being. We have virtually become like a living machine, which thinks in a pre-set manner.
We are marching ahead fast but towards which goal? Where is the end of our life? We continue doing this life after life, without thinking about the purpose of the precious life. Why are be born? For what purpose the Almighty has sent us

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