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WHY WEAR HANDLOOM? क्यों पहनें हथकरघा?

WHY WEAR HANDLOOM? क्यों पहनें हथकरघा?

Submitted by • August 21, 2020

In the year 2015, 7th August was declared the 'National Handloom Day' by the government of India. Subsequently, in 2016, the hashtag '#IWearHandloom' was launched. Several designers and celebrities also participated in this campaign and used the hashtag in their social media posts. Several saree-groups that promoted handloom were existing on Facebook but the growth in the popularity of Instagram, around 2015-2016, took this campaign to a level where it reached even the non-saree wearers. The '100 Saree Pact' also gained more popularity in these very years and led to simple handloom sarees being considered for everyday wear, by women from different walks of life. Coincidentally, this was also the time when several fashion bloggers and influencers emerged on Instagram, whose accounts focused on sarees, particularly the handloom ones. All these events occurred almost sequentially and brought handloom into the spotlight.

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