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Wonders Of The Ancient World

Wonders Of The Ancient World

Submitted by • May 7, 2019

The Temple of Artemis, a Greek temple was located in the ancient city of Ephesus. Now known as Selcuk, it was located about 35 miles south of the modern-day Izmir, Turkey. The purpose of this temple was to act as a cultic place where the Greek goddess Artemis, the goddess of fertility, the earth, the moon, and animals were being worshipped. The temple was built around 550 – 650 BC on a site that was considered to be sacred to the Anatolian Mother Goddess, called Cybele. The designer of the temple was the Cretan architect Chersiphron and Metagenes, his son, while the financier was Croesus of Lydia. The Lydians had conquered Ephesus in the 500s, but the sacred site at Ephesus is believed to be far older than that.

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