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super market billing software

Simple Billing software with complete inventory and accounts modules. It's fast, reliable and easy to maintain. Ideal for... Read More

Odoo Migration is the terminology used to upgrade the platform i.e when the Odoo management software releases new updates and versions frequently to users, Odoo Migration is the terminology used... Read More

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Oman is an absolute monarchy located on the Arabian Peninsula of the Persian Gulf. Having a strong sense of tourism, Oman comprises an attractive location for companies looking for a... Read More

The Odoo Human Resource Management deals with employee management and their strategies. Odoo has features like contract management, attendances, timesheets, leaves and documents related to payroll. The Odoo Human Resource... Read More

Choosing an ERP system like Odoo is the first step in achieving business success and to maintain today’s competitive market demand. Choosing an ERP system like Odoo is the first... Read More

erp software in oman

TECHLOGIC ERP software is an integrated software platform that manages all core business processes, such as accounting, sales, purchasing, HR, customer support, CRM, and inventory into one system, which is... Read More

The employees having remuneration payments in a company must be managed and provided with utmost care. The employees having remuneration payments in a company must be managed and provided with... Read More

All-in-one management software is Odoo, offering a range of business applications that has a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes. All-in-one management software is... Read More

ISO 27001 Certification in oman

ISO 27001 is provides the specification of an effective secure your information. kwalitycert company services is well developed. many companys takeing iso 27001 certification in oman.If you want get certified... Read More